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The following codes just try to clone a row and reset the id of the cloned:

rowTemplate = j('#component .form-list:first-child').clone();
var newRow = dojo.clone(rowTemplate);
dojo.attr(newRow, 'id', newRowId);

However, from firebug the third line give me

TypeError: node.setAttribute is not a function (dojo.js)

from debugging i can see the newRow is an Object(object[#row.class]), so the question is: How (or is it necessary) to convert a Javascript Object to Dom to make it available to dom functions?

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Can you show us the exact value of the newRow? object[#row.class] only seems to be some stringification –  Bergi Mar 21 '13 at 17:31
Why are you first cloning with jQuery, and then again with dojo? –  Kevin B Mar 21 '13 at 17:39

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If you want to use a jQuery object with a dojo method, you have to convert the jQuery object into a dom element collection. This can be done using .get()

rowTemplate = j('#component .form-list:first-child').clone();
var newRow = dojo.clone(rowTemplate.get(0));
dojo.attr(newRow, 'id', newRowId);

disclaimer: I'm not familiar with dojo methods.

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