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I am creating an image banner which has rollover links which change the text and image. What I need to happen is for this to rotate every 5 seconds through the 5 images, but on mouseover it would pause the roation and take you to the image which the user has selected. My Mouseover code is:

$("#main_nav li").mouseover( function() {
	$(".navigation_main, .main_info").each (function() {

Any help on getting this to rotate would be great.

Many thanks

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Here's how the cycle plugin for jQuery does it:

example: http://malsup.com/jquery/cycle/pagerHover.html

if the pause option is set, then hover increments a variable called cyclePause causing the slideshow not to rotate:

if (opts.pause)

Later on cycle pause is checked. If it is, then there is no advancing.

case 'pause':
		cont.cyclePause = 1;
		return false;
	case 'resume':
		cont.cyclePause = 0;
		if (arg2 === true) { // resume now!
			options = $(cont).data('cycle.opts');
			if (!options) {
				log('options not found, can not resume');
				return false;
			if (cont.cycleTimeout) {
				cont.cycleTimeout = 0;
			go(options.elements, options, 1, 1);
		return false;
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