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I need to do the following: i have the events


i need to find the letter that is wrong :

e.x wrong_letter([p,r,o,l,o,u,g],X).<br>

thay's my program but is not working :

wrong_letter([X|Y],L) :- 

thanks in advance, Sorry for my bad english.

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If you only have one wrong letter (an added letter) in your input word you could:

  • Take a word
  • Split into two sublists (Head and Tail), using append/3
  • Test to see if your input word unifies with the Head, an added letter, and the Tail; again using append/3

That would look:

wrong_letter(WrongWord, Letter):-
  append(Head, Tail, Word),
  append(Head, [Letter|Tail], WrongWord).


?- wrong_letter([p,r,o,l,o,u,g], X).
X = u ;

You could also achieve the same effect using select/3:

wrong_letter(WrongWord, Letter):-
  select(Letter, WrongWord, Word).
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