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I am working on this application since Net 1.1. and it is using all these year - 3 tiers, presentation, business and data.

Data tier is mostly using DataSets and DataTables to get data from SQL, and in order to get more transparent coding I want to use more of strong typed lists.

I was thinking of leaving data tier intact and use business tier to structure data retrieved from data tier. Basically I want to declare new classes and return strong typed lists.

It this a good way to go, do I need data tier anymore (in order to get data from sql to datatable and then convert it to List again) or there is a better way to pull data directly into list in business tier?

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The best way to pull data into a business tier is to use an ORM like:
Entity Framework or
or micro ORM like
Massive or

If you're not going to use them, then you will still need to have DAL object and then populate your BO in BLL.

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Using an ORM is great advice. Writing the plumbing logic is error-prone, time consuming code. Also, check out PetaPoco... – Mike Cole Mar 21 '13 at 18:01

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