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I have placed a cluetip tooltip over an image and added html links to the cluetip by an external file. I am trying to get the cluetip to open on mouse over the image and then close when mouse out of the image. This all works except for the cluetip flickers as I move the mouse over the cluetip/image as i select one of the three buttons...

These must be a way to do this, if anyone can help me Thanks

I currently have:

$(document).ready(function() {
    width: 80,
    topOffset: -45,
    positionBy: \'fixed\',
    cluetipClass:     \'rounded\',
    showTitle:        false,
    sticky:           true, 
    mouseOutClose:    true

What would be good is to use sticky 'true' with mouse out close, but I cannot get this to work.

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Usually adding .stop() fixes flickering issues. I haven't used cuetip before, but try something like:

$(\'\').stop().cluetip({ ... });
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