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I'm using a drag-n-drop batch script on Windows XP/7 to concatenate a direcotry of html files. I'm finding that part of the command is being echoed into the final concatenated file above the content of the file. How do I stop the the shell prompt, type and path from being included in my file?

bat script:

set inputdir=%~dpn1
set scriptroot=%~dp0
>"%scriptroot%concat.html" (for /r %inputdir% %%F in (*.html) do type "%%F")


C:\Documents and Settings\TMPUSER>type C:\test\test.html"
C:\Documents and Settings\TMPUSER>type C:\test\test2.html"
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@echo off

Put this at the top of your script.

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If your program is a .bat file, write this at the first line:

@echo off

By default, the comands (and the working folder) are displayed:

C:\folder>echo hi

To disable this, use @echo off, to enable it back, use @echo on.

Hope it helped!

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