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I'm using ImageMagick from the command line to resize images:

convert -size 320x240 image.jpg

However, I don't know how to determine the size of the final image. Since this is a proportional image scale, it's very possible that new image is 100x240 or 320x90 in size (not 320x240).

Can I call the 'convert' command to resize the image and return the new image dimensions? For example, pseudo code:

convert -size 320x240 -return_new_image_dimension image.jpg   // returns the new resized image dimensions
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You could use an extra call to identify:

convert -size 320x240 image.jpg; identify -format "%[fx:w]x%[fx:h]" image.jpg
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curious, why is identify -format "%[fx:w]x%[fx:h]" preferable to identify -format "%[w]x%[h]" ? – mark Apr 22 at 21:32
I think it is not, @mark. I cannot imagine that back in 2009 the %w and %h were not supported yet. But if fx: has some side effect, then I guess I would have mentioned that as well. Weird. I will do some testing... – Arjan Apr 23 at 7:48

The -ping option is also recommended as it prevents the entire image from being loaded to memory, as mentioned at: :

identify -ping -format '%w %h' image.jpg

Tested on ImageMagick 6.7.7, Ubuntu 14.04.

See also: FAST way to get image dimensions (not filesize)

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