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I'm trying to handle a touch drag and drop operation with DragDrop.DoDragDrop. As I read in this post (I, too, can't use the surface drag framework for this) I also have to implement a QueryContinueDragHandler, which I have with the following implementation:

(in the mainwindow constructor)

this.QueryContinueDrag += (obj, e) => 
        e.Action = DragAction.Continue;
        e.Action = DragAction.Drop;

(on some TouchDown Eventhandler)

Object data = new Object();
_touchDevice = e.TouchDevice;
DragDrop.DoDragDrop(this, data, DragDropEffects.Link);

However, with this the drag action never ends, as _touchDevice.IsActive will always be true, no matter if the TouchDevice is actually still "touching". This question is also related to mine, but I find the answer unsatisfactory and I didn't want to turn the thread into a zombie.

How can I detect when/if the TouchDevice will be inactive?

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