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On install path of websphere MQ/java/lib/jdbc>make oracle I am getting below error

xlc: not found

I am not sure if xlc is installed in my machine. My machine is AIX 6.1. But I can find xlcpp in my machine. how to proceed?Is there any way to create switch file?

If I execute $ /usr/ccs/lib/cpp -help

I am getting

1506-173 (W) Option help is not valid. Enter xlc for list of valid options.

how to proceed?

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/usr/ccs/lib/cpp is not the XL C/C++ for AIX compiler, it is the C Pre-Processor which ships as part of AIX. The XL C/C++ for AIX compiler is a separate Licensed Program Product for which licenses must be separately purchased.

If you have XL C/C++ for AIX installed, you would find the /usr/vac/bin/xlc and /usr/vacpp/bin/xlc++ commands installed on your system. You can also check for the filesets vac.C and vacpp.cmp.core using the lslpp command:

lslpp -L vac.C vacpp.cmp.core

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Dwayne has it mostly right but I believe xlc++ also has a version of xlc. I see in your other question that you have xlcpp so perhaps what you need to do is add /usr/vacpp/bin to your PATH.

I also tend to use grep with lslpp:

lslpp -ch | grep vac

should tell you which xlc, xlcpp, etc you have installed.


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