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I am using Octopress for my blog. I set up Disqus and it shows up on every article. However, I really need to customize the look because right now there is literally no space between the whole disqus comment box and the right border of the browser window.

I already tried to find the correct SCSS file but I couldn't find it. Can anyone help me?

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I don't think there are custom styles for disqus anywhere in the default octopress theme.

I would add a new partial undess sass/partials say _disqus.scss and then import the file in _partials.scss

@import "partials/disqus";
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for anyone searching for a good answer (I am sure @Vassilis works just fine): Just go to


In that file go to

section.comments {}

and add something like this (this align the comments with your blog text)

max-width: 500px;
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