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Tried filename log_list pipe 'ls -1 /fbrms01/dev/Logs/*.log | xargs grep -l "ERROR:" > /fbrms01/dev/Logs/log_error.dat'; but log_error.dat file is not creating on UNIX.

When I tried

ls -1 `/fbrms01/dev/Logs/*.log | xargs grep -l "ERROR:" > /fbrms01/dev/Logs/log_error.dat.

it created log_error.dat file on UNIX.

So I'm think there is some thing wrong filename statement.Any suggestions??

Thanks, Sam.

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Perhaps the X statement (run operating system command) is more in line with what you have written.

x 'ls -1 /fbrms01/dev/Logs/*.log | xargs grep -l "ERROR:" > /fbrms01/dev/Logs/log_error.dat';

PIPE access method sends output from a command to INFILE so there is not need to direct STDOUT to a file.

filename log_list pipe 'ls -1 `/fbrms01/dev/Logs/*.log | xargs grep -l "ERROR:"';
data ..;
   infile log_list;
   input  ...; 
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