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Is there a way to achieve a view in following screenshot by Gtk?

I have tried treeview, but it doesn't automatically filtered out the group.

KDELibs equivalent is KCategorizedView.


Edit: My use case it like: for example like the screen shot, if I type Mythology, AOE and AOE III will not be shown, since there is no match under that group.

If I try to use treeview, the parent node not cannot be easily filtered, since the filtermodel cannot easily depends on the filtered result.

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What do you mean by "doesn't automatically filtered out the group"? – ergosys Mar 22 '13 at 19:30

you can use a GtkTreeView with a GtkTreeStore, but there is no stock widget that has the appearance of the KDE widget.

alternatively, you can have different GtkTreeView instances, each inside a GtkFrame and each using a GtkTreeModelFilter to apply a filter to the same GtkListStore or GtkTreeStore, so that you can keep that data inside a single storage.

the layout would look like:

+---- GtkFrame
|     +---- GtkTreeView
+---- GtkFrame
|     +---- GtkTreeView
+---- GtkFrame
|     +---- GtkTreeView

the GtkTreeModelFilter can be set to filter all rows inside the source GtkListStore or GtkTreeStore that match the "category" you want.

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I updated some about my use case, actually I need that "GtkFrame" to be hide if it's empty, and I have maybe hundreds of group, I don't know create that much widget is a good idea or not. – csslayer Mar 23 '13 at 18:06

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