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I have many menus of outputLink and I generated them from data base mysql like:

<ui:repeat value="#{loginAction.subMenusBeans.subMenusBeansList}" 
<ui:fragment rendered="#{menusBeansList.menuId == subMenusBeansList.menuId}" >   

<h:commandLink id="circlLink" value="#{subMenusBeansList.subMenuName}"  
action="{subMenusBeansList.subMenuLink}" />

I get value of action from database and set it to 'subMenusBeansList.subMenuLink'


head quarter
main offices
and so on..

when I click on any of above link

exception: action="#{subMenusBeansList.subMenuLink}": Method not found:

I want to set action method name from database because I have many hyperlink and want to set all links action from data base and generate them to xhtml using ui:repeat but when i click on any of hyperlink's action generated from #{subMenusBeansList.subMenuLink}' throw exception

 javax.servlet.ServletException: javax.el.MethodNotFoundException: /template/
    templateslider.xhtml @36,135 action="#{subMenusBeansList.subMenuLink}":
 Method not found: com.ss.managedbeans.SubMenusBeans@552edddd.subMenuLink()
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So, the #{subMenusBeansList.subMenuLink} is supposed to be a getter which returns a navigation outcome? Why don't you just use a <h:link> instead of <h:commandLink>? –  BalusC Mar 21 '13 at 20:48
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The problem you are running in to here is that <h:outputLink action="XXXX"> actually expects a MethodExpression, which is why it is not attempting to resolve the getter for your property, "subMenuLink."

What you probably want is, as BalusC suggested, to use an ` instead. This attribute expects a ValueExpression, and should be able to resolve your property and its getter.

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