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I performed some research on boost and c++ but could not locate anything relevant to my question. Is there an boost library or STL function that implements lastIndexOf?

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std::string has the member function rfind() which searches from the end and returns the index if found or std::string::npos if not. From the linked reference page:

Finds the last substring equal to the given character sequence.

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It looks like you might want std::string::find_last_of.

Finds the last character equal to one of characters in the given character sequence. Returns the position of the found character or npos if no such character is found.


Also see hmjd's answer. There are differences between find_last_of and rfind depending on whether you are searching for a single character, one of many possible characters, or a substring.

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Sure, you can use std::find with reverse_iterators. For example, you have a vector of ints and you want to find the last 5 in it. You do

auto it = std::find(v.rbegin(), v.rend(), 5);

If you want the index per se, then you can get that from the iterator

int index = std::distance(v.begin(), (it+1).base());
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