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Is there a way to create a variable for transitions in Sass to replicate this:

-webkit-transition: .2s;
-moz-transition: .2s;
-ms-transition: .2s;
-o-transition: .2s;
transition: .2s;

I'm just getting my feet wet with Sass and I'm using CodeKit to compile.


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You can create a mixin which will encapsulate that:

@mixin transition($duration) {
    -webkit-transition: $duration;
    -moz-transition: $duration;
    -ms-transition: $duration;
    -o-transition: $duration;
    transition: $duration;

Then use it like this:

.class { @include transition(.2s); }

You may also want to look at Compass, which includes many built-in mixins for CSS3 stuff like transitions.

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Awesome, thanks! (I did have another comment before, but I just tried it and it works so yeah...no need) –  ultraloveninja Mar 21 '13 at 21:25

You can also use the transition-duration mixin http://compass-style.org/reference/compass/css3/transition/#mixin-transition-duration

a {
  @include transition-duration(.2s);
  &:hover {
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