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I have a Sinatra app that i'm posting GeoJSON (polygon) to.. I'm looking for a gem/ script to convert the JSON into a KML, before I att. to an e-mail (using mail gem).

The closest thing I could find was georuby, which doesn't seem to have such a conversion yet, surely there is a way...?? Or perhaps this is better achieved manually :?

New to Ruby (from a Python/ JavaScript background), so baby steps are appreciated!

Edit: for my purposes, it was easier to just ("manually") transform the coords, and interpolate a template kml erb/ string.

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Since KML is XML, if everything in the JSON conforms to the KML schema (key names etc) you could try converting the JSON to XML and perhaps it will be ok. – iain Mar 21 '13 at 22:12

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You can use a new gem called FFI-OGR to do this.

FFI, or Foreign Function Interface, lets Ruby call functions written in other languages, without writing native code. FFI-OGR wraps the C implementation of OGR in Ruby.

Add gem 'ffi-ogr', git: '' to your Gemfile and run bundle install. Then, in whatever script you're doing the conversion, you'd write something like:

require 'ffi-ogr'

# read in GeoJSON
geojson = 'path/to/file.geojson'

# output as KML, write to file
geojson.to_kml 'destination/of/file.kml'

GeoRuby is fairly new, and the tooling isn't built out very well yet. However, @scooterw is leading the development of some Ruby tools that do basic functionality.

Take a look at the examples from FOSS4G 2014 for more, and join the GeoRubyists group on Github.

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(I couldn't find a pure-Ruby library that converts KML to GeoJSON, either...?)

If the ogr2ogr binary is available on your system and you can write to the tmp directory:

require 'tmpdir'
require 'fileutils'

tmpdir = Dir.mktmpdir
geojson_path = File.join(tmpdir, 'a.geojson') # the input
kml_path = File.join(tmpdir, 'a.kml') # the output, 'w') do |f|
  # params[:geojson] is from the web request
  f.write params[:geojson]

Kernel.system 'ogr2ogr', '-f', 'KML', kml_path, geojson_path

# now you can email kml
kml =

FileUtils.rm_rf tmpdir
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+1 came across ogr2ogr too, cheers for showing me the Ruby way to call it. Think I can get Heroku to build ogr, assume it isn't in the $PATH by default.. still, weird there isn't a gem! – adm Mar 22 '13 at 9:19
to get ogr2ogr on heroku, you'd need a buildpack... if you had access to a postgis server, maybe you could use a combination of ST_GeomFromGeoJSON and ST_AsKML? you can get one from for $9/mo – Seamus Abshere Mar 22 '13 at 17:21

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