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When I run sonar-runner on a C++ project, it does not generate Lines of code count.

I'm using the Sonar C++ Community Plugin http://docs.codehaus.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=185073817

I'm not running any preprocessing prior to running the sonar-runner.

Do I need to run any preprocessing on the C++ code prior to run the sonar-runner?

I'm using:

Sonar: 3.5 Sonar-runner: 2.0 C++ Plugin: sonar-cxx-plugin-0.2.jar


# required metadata
# optional description
sonar.projectDescription=Crystal Space 3D.

# path to source directories (required)
# path to test source directories (optional)
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Unless you tell it otherwise Sonar goes ahead and assumes the project is a java project. For other languages you need to let it know...

So a starting point would be to add the following line:


It should report the a lines of code count without any preprocessing.

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