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I have a Django app with an image field (a custom ThumbnailImageField type) that auto-generates the file path for an image based on the title, type, and country of the item the image is attached to (upload_ to = get_ image_path). Here's how:

def get_image_path(instance, filename):
    dir = 'images'
    subdir = instance.get_type_display()
    sub_subdir = 'other'
        sub_subdir =
    name =
    extension = filename.split('.')[-1]

    return "%s/%s/%s/%s.%s" % (dir, subdir, sub_subdir, name, extension)

It works great, except in one situation: When I rename an item, change the country it's from, or change the category it's in, the image becomes a dead link because it generates a new image path without moving the orignal file.

So, the magic question:

Is there some save function in Django that I can hook into and override that will let me have the original object and the proposed values and compare them so I know where the image path was and where it will need to go (and then use this info to move/rename in code)?

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You probably want to look into signals:

In particular, the django.db.models.signals.pre_save signal:

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Agreed, but I would think the solution would be to use a post_save signal handler for the models that affect the path – Jiaaro Oct 12 '09 at 18:36
Well, either way, that gets me the file move. Updating the file path database field is a separate problem and not as important. Thank you. – Jason Champion Oct 14 '09 at 12:52

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