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So i have a text file with just random letters in rows and columns. All i would like to do is make a 2d array so that its puzzle[i][j] where if i put printf("%c",puzzle[5][4]); it would simply give me the 4th row and 3rd columns character (since it starts at 0 in an array). Here is my code so far.

#define MAXROWS     60
#define MAXCOLS     60
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <math.h>

    FILE *TableFilePtr;
    char TableFileName[100];
    char PuzzleFileName[100];
    char puzzle[MAXROWS][MAXCOLS];
    printf("Please enter the table file name: ");

    TableFilePtr=fopen(TableFileName, "r");

    if(TableFilePtr == NULL)
        printf("Can't open %s", TableFileName);

    char words;
    int n;
    int i,j,row,col;
    int rowcount, colcount;
    printf("\n how many rows and colums are there?  separate by a space: ");
    scanf("%d %d",&row, &col);
    /*  while(fscanf(TableFilePtr,"%c",&words)!= EOF)

    /*for (colcount=0;colcount<col;colcount++)
        for (rowcount=0;rowcount<row;rowcount++)
            printf("%c ",words);

            fscanf(TableFilePtr, "%c %s\n",&puzzle[i]][j]);
    //          printf("%c ", puzzle[i][j]);


the commented area at the end (just the starting part) works to simply print out the text file in the compiler. i would like to get it to be in a 2d array though.

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uve mixed up your understanding of array indices, was that a typo? –  Karthik T Mar 22 '13 at 1:22

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I would do something like this (I didn't use all of your exact variable names but you get the idea):

    char puzzle[MAXROWS][MAXCOLS], line[MAXCOLS];
    FILE *infile;
    int cols = 0, rows=0;

    /* ... */

    infile = fopen(TableFileName, "r");

    while(fgets(line, sizeof line, infile) != NULL)
        for(cols=0; cols<(strlen(line)-1); ++cols)
            puzzle[rows][cols] = line[cols];
        /* I'd give myself enough room in the 2d array for a NULL char in 
           the last col of every row.  You can check for it later to make sure
           you're not going out of bounds. You could also 
           printf("%s\n", puzzle[row]); to print an entire row */
        puzzle[rows][cols] = '\0';

Edit: much shorter version will have newline and NULL chars at the end of each row unless you manually pick them off. You may have to tweak puzzle[][] (use MAXCOLS +/- n or some such) to make it work for you.

    for(c=0; c<MAXROWS; ++c){
        fgets(puzzle[rows], sizeof puzzle[rows], infile);

At the end of the loop, puzzle[x][y] should be a 2d array of chars from your input file. Hope that helps.

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this helps but i am getting a segmentation error –  Alex Mar 25 '13 at 2:25
That's C for array index out of bounds (usually). Remember that the counting starts at 0 so if you declare int myArray[10], the elements are 0-9. If you try to access myArray[10] you get seg err. –  JB0x2D1 Mar 26 '13 at 0:56
That's what I meant by You may have to tweak puzzle[][] (use MAXCOLS +/- n. –  JB0x2D1 Mar 26 '13 at 1:04

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