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I am currently working on a single page web app that has a growing number of real-time widgets concurrently requiring different datasources. My question is which approach is best for using WebSockets as the vehicle for this data:

Option 1: The client opens a single socket connection with the server, then uses an API similar to the following to subscribe/unsubscribe/get/post data:

var socket = new WebSocket([URL]);
socket.emit("subscribe", [OPTIONS]);
socket.emit("unsubscribe", [OPTIONS]);
socket.emit("get", [OPTIONS]);
socket.emit("post", [OPTIONS])

Option 2: The client opens a socket for every source of data it needs to run the widgets on the page. Keep in mind that there could be many widgets requiring many different sources of data. For example, it would look something like this:

var sock1 = new WebSocket([URL]);
var widget1 = new Widget1(sock1);
var sock2 = new WebSocket([URL]);
var widget2 = new Widget2(sock2);
var sock3 = new WebSocket([URL]);
var widget3 = new Widget3(sock3);

Any insight would be much appreciated.


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