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How do you iterate through a group of selected jQuery objects so that you can perform jQuery functions on each object individually?

 <div class="foobar">abc</div>
 <div class="foobar">123</div>
 <div class="foobar">abc123</div>

I can select the group:

var foobarObjects = jQuery('.foobar')

But how would you go through each jQuery object in foobarObject and manipulate each one individually? I thought I could use jQuery().each but that only allows me to work with DOM objects, not jQuery objects. I also tried a for loop in conjunction with the jQuery().eq(i) function, but that seems to merge the items together.

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Use $(this)

  $(this).blah//refers to jquery object.
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B.T.W. if you need to set something like attribute or class on ALL items in group you can simply use $('.foobar').attr("blah", "blah"); –  Bostone Oct 12 '09 at 18:39
Excellent! Just what I needed. Thanks! –  JayNCoke Oct 12 '09 at 19:13

within jQuery().each() you can use $(this) to use the jQuery functions on the current DOM object.

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