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I'm using gnuplot to generate the following surface plot.

Gnuplot cropped z-axis

The important part of the command file I'm using is:

set terminal pdfcairo size 3,3;

In particular the size 3,3 resizes the plot to the way I want but crops out part of the z-axis label in the process. If I use a wider size like size 4,3 or don't use the size option at all then the z-axis labels fit as follows:

enter image description here

It seems that gnuplot doesn't take the width of the label into consideration when resizing the plot.

Is there a way to maybe move the plot to the right before resizing to 3,3 so that there's room to scientific notation?

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You can set the lmargin option:

set lmargin 10

(or whatever size doesn't crop the label).

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