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This might be confusing, so bear with me.

I am not interested in running maven behind a proxy. I understand how to configure maven, eclipse or the JVM itself to get web access via proxies.

However, in my project, I have a component that will retrieve the contents of a given URL and analyze it. It uses Apache Http Components underneath, coated with a little predefined configuration and error handling (really just a wrapper to hide boiler plate code). Since apache-httpcomponents itself can make use of proxies, my component will accept a proxy configuration that can be passed to apache-httpcomponents.

Does anyone know of any proxy plugin that allows this type of integration test, like "maven-simpleproxy-plugin" or anything like that?

I want to test the ability of my component to run well behind a proxy. I imagine that I would need to run some sort of plugin which will start up a dummy proxy server along with maven-embedded-glassfish-plugin. I can host a dummy content inside glassfish and make my component try to access it via this "maven-simpleproxy-plugin" instance... thus allowing me to test the component's ability to handle its proxy configuration correctly.

Does anything like that exist?

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I would use maven exec plugin to start up the proxy server you want to test. Then write a script which is called at the post-integration-test phase that shuts the proxy server down. Then you are testing through the same proxy server type as your production environment.

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Thanks for the reply. Just waiting a few days to see if anyone else has any other suggestions, but I'll likely mark this as the official answer. – JulioHM Mar 27 '13 at 17:25

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