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I'm trying to use $log.debug("Foo"). How can it be turned on off. I can't find a sample anywhere. I think it need to be set in the config, but I cant seem to get that to work either.

Where does one set the on and off switch?

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This is only available in AngularJs 1.1.2 or later.

Here is an example of it being set.

var app = angular.module('plunker', []);


app.controller('MainCtrl', function($scope, $log ) {
  $ = 'World';
  $scope.model = {value: "test"};
  $log.debug('TEST Log');

By default it is on.

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Where do you put the $logProvider.debugEnabled(true) ? – Eric Rohlfs Mar 27 '13 at 21:03
Thank you. I was using an older version of angularjs. I just overwrote the log provider in the angular.js file in my app. – Eric Rohlfs Mar 28 '13 at 14:45
Now does $logProvider.debugEnabled(false); simply disable the .debug() method, leaving .log(), .info(), etc enabled? – TrazeK Aug 13 '14 at 6:45
@TrazeK Yes, that is correct. – rgaskill Aug 13 '14 at 12:33
What is the point then? I assume, that developers don't limit themselves with only $log.debug. Shouldn't there be an option in provider, that would allow to disable all $log service output. Or allow to specify what to leave. Now that would be usefull. Sure I could write my own service wrapper for $log service and handle it from there..somehow, but again what's the point in this option then? – Eugene Jun 18 at 13:49

You can override the default $log behavior with a decorator to enhace the log level. This is an example:

angular.module('app').config(function($logProvider, $provide){


    $provide.decorator('$log', function ($delegate) {
        //Original methods
        var origInfo = $;
        var origLog = $delegate.log;

        //Override the default behavior
        $ = function () {

            if ($logProvider.debugEnabled())
                origInfo.apply(null, arguments)

        //Override the default behavior    
        $delegate.log = function () {

            if ($logProvider.debugEnabled())
                origLog.apply(null, arguments)

        return $delegate;

This was inspired from the work of John Crosby at

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