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I have a recursive function that basically keeps appending elements to a list recursively until a condition has been met. There's an issue though, and that's to use append, we must give it a quoted list. So doing

 (append (1 2) 3)

gives us an error.

The problem is when I first pass a list to the argument, I can put the ' to make it a quoted list. However, once I append something to that list and it gets recursively passed to the same function again, the second time append tries to work, it will see the list is no longer quoted, so Scheme thinks it's a procedure rather than a list. Let me show you a simplified version of the code:

 (define simple
   (lambda (x y)
      (if (equal? x '()) 
          (display 'success!)
          (simple (cdr x) (append y (car x))))))

We run the function by doing (simple '(1 2 3) '()) I realize the program above is useless; it's just to demonstrate what I'm saying.


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apply quote to the argument –  Morten Jensen Mar 22 '13 at 3:12

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The trouble with the code you posted isn't that Scheme is confusing a procedure with a list; the trouble is with the call to append.

It can be helpful to trace the execution of a procedure when debugging. Here's what's shown when I run your code with tracing turned on for simple and append, using trace-define in Petite Chez Scheme:

> (simple '(1 2 3) '())
|(simple (1 2 3) ())
| (append () 1)
| 1
|(simple (2 3) 1)
| (append 1 2)

Because (append () 1) returns 1, in the first recursive call to simple, the second argument is 1 rather than a list. So, you get an error on the next call to append.

You could fix it by wrapping your (car x) call in a call to list:

(define simple
  (lambda (x y)
    (if (equal? x '()) 
        (display 'success!)
        (simple (cdr x) (append y (list (car x)))))))

Here's a trace of the fixed version running:

> (simple '(1 2 3) '())
|(simple (1 2 3) ())
| (append () (1))
| (1)
|(simple (2 3) (1))
| (append (1) (2))
| (1 2)
|(simple (3) (1 2))
| (append (1 2) (3))
| (1 2 3)
|(simple () (1 2 3))
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To append an element to the end of a list, put the element inside a list (append is defined only between lists). For example, in your code do this:

(append y (list (car x)))

Of course, that doesn't change the fact that the procedure is doing nothing as it is. At least, return the value accumulated in y:

(define simple
  (lambda (x y)
    (if (equal? x '())
        (simple (cdr x)
                (append y (list (car x)))))))
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