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I'm a newbie in js and I'm afraid that i haven't the knowledge to resolve the next issue.

If I have a select element ( populated with several options ) already parsed by the browser on the load, the next code works just fine in both IE and FF


but if I create ( and populate it ) the element via js

var select = new Element('select',{ 'id':'selectId' });
~ etc. with options ~

the focus event doesn't work in IE. With FF is everything OK!

I've already tried various methods to workaround this issue but without good results! Every time I need to click on the element to activate the focus event ( in IE ).

( yes, I use the mootools library! )

Any help will be very appreciated!

Thank you!

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is it correct to assume that you actually add the select drop down to the DOM? –  Matt Oct 12 '09 at 19:02
yes my friend! ;) The element is properly added in the DOM and works fine except that in IE looses the focus I've given it. Firebug and IE's console don't give any type of js error... Thank you for the help! –  user188609 Oct 12 '09 at 19:10
can you reproduce the problem for us on jsbin.com? –  Matt Oct 12 '09 at 19:20
of course! check out the link jsbin.com/elequ you'll see the difference between IE and FF... Thank you again! –  user188609 Oct 12 '09 at 19:49
the jsbin page works fine for me in IE6, IE7 and IE8... Try adding select.addEvent('focus',function(){alert('focusing');}); select.addEvent('blur',function(){alert('blurring');}); to see if something else steals the focus after your script finished creating the select –  Gordon Tucker Oct 12 '09 at 20:15

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@Christoff Thank you my friend! I'm afraid that I must use the ver 1.11 of mootools because the project is based on the latest version of Joomla ( 1.5.14 ) which supports only the 1.11 mootools... I've tried to call the click event right after the creation of the element ( as you have done in the sample ) and it seems to work, not 100%, but works. The only issue is if you click the FIRST option, right after the appearance of the select, you'll get at the alert the value of the pre-selected! If you click any other option, the alert returns the right value! Strange! ( I always talk for the IE7-8 browser! )

Also, I copy-pasted the code from the mooshel to the jsbin.com ( http://jsbin.com/axuxi ) and it seems to have the same problem. The first click always return the value of the pre-selected...

Thank you for the help!

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perhaps you are handling the wrong event here. i NEVER get the first option - in FF 3.5 and ie7. however, i suppose it is conceivable that the click event itself may fire before the onchange event, similarly to how onkeydown or onkeypress do. i refactored things a little here mooshell.net/tnYBY - through onfocus and onchange. it works reliably imo, but you may get the function run twice (for example, if you have lost focus, then click on a new option). p.s. you need firebug / console to see this, or replace with alerts.. –  Dimitar Christoff Oct 13 '09 at 9:30

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