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I have defined a camel context with a camel route and I am having below code.


All the three urls shown above are Rest services which takes some post xml and return xml response.

I want my camel router to start working when /camelRouter is called and its output should go to /getPersonData url and the output of /getPersonData go to /processPersonData. And to user I should finally display the output of /processPersonData.

So each url is dependent on it's previous urls output.

But the problem is when I invoke /camelRouter url, I always get /camelRouter response, not the final output. The output is not routing from one service to other.

So is there is any probelm in my code? Hoping for some help.


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It appears to me that the Jetty component can be used as either a producer or consumer but not both as you appear to be attempting to use it.

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