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My code is as follow:

public chkRechable(String hostNameOrIp) {

boolean isRechable = InetAddress.getByName(hostNameOrIp).isReachable(30);
return isRechable;

Parameter can be "" or ""

But everytime it's returning false although I can browse the URL.

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Shouldn't you be using getByAddress instead of getByName for an IP Address? And see if the solution here works: – IceMAN Mar 22 '13 at 4:38

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What do you mean "reachable"? If "open the page" means "reachable", you can just try to use an HTTP connection to connect to it. If you got exceptions: your net work might down; you cannot connect to the host; Then you shall check the http return code, to see if there are 404 or other errors.

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