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I am new to rails and also new to coding. I had a problem a couple of days where I was stuck and was helped by some of you guys. thank you so much.

The app I am developing is kind of a test case management system. I am not far into it but I think it is a good idea to explore the design options before I get too deep into it.

The application has - Users (of course.) Other resources are:

  1. Projects
  2. A project has many sub-projects
  3. A sub-project many test-suites
  4. A test-suite has many test cases

I have created the following resources till now: (Let's leave users for now)

  1. Projects

    class Project < ActiveRecord::Base
      attr_accessible :description, :name
      has_many :subprojects, dependent: :destroy
  2. Subprojects

    class Subprojects < ActiveRecord::Base
      attr_accessible :description, :name
      belongs_to :project
      has_many :suites, dependent: :destroy //this is what I need to discuss

Projects and Subprojects are working perfectly fine. I guess this is called nested resource-ing. Though I am using belongs_to and has_many but in routing I am just using simple routes

  resources :projects
  resources :subprojects

I am NOT using

resources :subprojects  
resources :projects do  
    resources :subprojects  

Now I will be adding test suites to subprojects, which in turn will have many test cases too. In the end it will be 4 levels of nesting.

My questions/concerns are (Thank you for reading until here)

  1. Does the design look ok or I am doing it in a bad way.
  2. Should I have nested routes? I read at various places that nested routing for 3-4 levels will become complex. If the way I am doing is ok, then what should I be cautious about?
  3. This is advanced for me right now.. but in coming weeks, I am planning to add test-runs to the application i.e. a user/admin (manager) can add a test run and then he can select subprojects to add in it. At this point, all the subprojects added will not have any test suites in them. The user will select which test suties to run in a particular release. (This will be a dynamic set. The static set is always there i.e. project->subprojects->suites->testcases.) So one release or test run may or may not have all the subprojects or test cases running. How can I achieve it? If you could give me some idea to proceed, I will be grateful. The test run will have status of each test suite/case as well - pass/fail/pending. The goal is taht the manager can just visit a particular test-run page and see what is the status i.e. how much testing has been completed, how mnay test cases are failing etc. etc.

Any pointer will be really helpful.


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Just to deal with the terminology, usually when we talk about nested resources, it's talking about the routes for accessing those resources (eg. /projects/1/sub_projects/2/ etc). It's this sort of situation that you really want to avoid, but as you've said, that's not what you're doing. Don't confuse that between having associations (has_many, belongs_to and the rest) between your objects, which seem to be what you're actually talking about. –  Zaid Crouch Mar 22 '13 at 6:27
oh ok. Thanks. I am pretty new to rails. I hope to get better at terminology soon. –  LTCRails Mar 22 '13 at 7:32

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i read your question not clearly, but i think the 4 level routes is too deep to write

its painful when you travel into an url, when you want to go to a suites#show page, you should use project_subprojces_suite_path(project, subproject, suite)

its baddly that you hava to send query to database to get project and subproject record

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yup, that is why I am not using nested resources –  LTCRails Mar 22 '13 at 6:31

You can try

shallow: true

for nested routes so you can nest deeper in routes but it will break the routes after necessary levels.


resources :projects, shallow: true do
  resources :sub_projects do
    resources :test_suits do
      resources :test_cases

so it breaks the routes at 2 level.




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Thanks. That's is an option. But will it a bad design if I don't have nested routes and simply do ---- localhost:3000/projects/1 ------ localhost:3000/subprojects/new --------- localhost:3000/testsuite/new ------- rather than using nested routes:---------- localhost:3000/projects/:project_id/subprojects/:subproject_id/testsuite/new –  LTCRails Mar 22 '13 at 17:24
- localhost:3000/projects/:project_id/subprojects/:subproject_id/testsuite/new Smells bad bcs testsuits falls under subproject and subproject is obviously belongs to projects hence nesting with project is not necessary. Nesting routes upto 2 level is better choice because its unneccsary to add more than 2 level. And yes nesting routes is good else u'll have to add extra field in each form or query string in url which is not good rails practice. –  jbmyid Mar 25 '13 at 5:33
I am not using nested routes. I am using hidden field in the forms when creating a test case under a suite or when creating a subproject under a project. –  LTCRails Mar 25 '13 at 23:56

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