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I am using qtip2 for alert,confirm,dialogue functionlity. now i want to as ( blockui plugin)block the view of the page untill some process completes (e. ajax start etc).for that i am using following code

function blockPageDialog(content, title) {

* mainbody is the id of the body section of html
                content: {
                    text: '<img src="/Content/images/ajax-loader.gif"/>'

                position: {
                    my: 'center', at: 'center', // Center it...
                    target: $(window) // ... in the window
                show: {
                    ready: true, // Show it straight away
                    modal: {
                        on: true, // Make it modal (darken the rest of the page)...
                        blur: false, // ... but don't close the tooltip when clicked
                        escape: false //dont hide on escape button 
                hide: true, // We'll hide it maunally

                style: {
                    classes: 'qtip-shadow qtip-rounded qtip-dialogue', // Optional shadow...
                    widget: true //themeroller

                events: {
                    // Hide the tooltip when any buttons in the dialogue are clicked
                    render: function (event, api) {
                        // $('button', api.elements.content).click(api.hide);

                    // Destroy the tooltip once it's hidden as we no longer need it!
                    , hide: function (event, api) { api.destroy(); }


and i am calling above function as

blockPageDialog(imageToShowProcessing );

which is blocking page as expected.

now i want to hide/destroy the blocking dialog created on completion of process (e. ajax complete) or on button click which not part of the dialog (thats why i commented code for button in dialog).

I tried following things



both are not working.

I am using jquery 1.9.1,qtip2 update (2.1) which solves $.browser error

Please guide me to to solve the problem

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try $('#mainbody').qtip('destroy');

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Thanks !!!!! it just works !!!! modified to $('#mainbody').qtip('destroy'); though .. –  amol Mar 22 '13 at 6:38
corrected per your suggestion :) –  NoodleFolk Mar 22 '13 at 6:40

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