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I'm getting an error in mgcv, and I can't figure out where it comes from. The setup is the following: I've got a fitted GAM object called "MI", and a vector of "prediction data" (with default values for predictors). I feed this into predict.gam(object, newdata = whatever) via the following function:

makepred = function(varstochange,val){
     for (i in 1:length(varstochange)){
         if (varstochange[i] == "pot.trial"){j=1}
         if (varstochange[i] == "year"){j=2}
         if (varstochange[i] == "crop.legume"){j=3}
         if (varstochange[i] == "crop.fruit"){j=4}
         if (varstochange[i] == "feedstock"){j=5}
         if (varstochange[i] == "BCAR.imp"){j=8}
         if (varstochange[i] == "INAR.imp"){j=9}
         if (varstochange[i] == "bcph.imp"){j=10}
         if (varstochange[i] == "phi.imp"){j=11}
         if (varstochange[i] == "htt.imp"){j=12}
         if (varstochange[i] == "bc.prc.C.imp"){j=13}
         if (varstochange[i] == "CEC.imp"){j=14}
         if (varstochange[i] == "soc.imp"){j=15}
         if (varstochange[i] == "sand.imp"){j=16}
         if (varstochange[i] == "clay.imp"){j=17}
         if (varstochange[i] == "abslat.imp"){j=18}
         preddat[j] = val[i]

I then make predictions that look like this:

a = makepred(c("phi.imp","bcph.imp","year"),c(4.5,7.25,1))
b = makepred(c("phi.imp","bcph.imp","year"),c(5.5,7.25,1))
c = makepred(c("phi.imp","bcph.imp","year"),c(6.5,7.25,1))
d = makepred(c("phi.imp","bcph.imp","year"),c(7.5,7.25,1))
makepHplot(a,b,c,d,title="1st harvest, BC pH = 7.25")

where "makepHplot" is a different function that I made.

This worked for quite some time. Then I added some data to the model and changed the specification slightly. Now I'm getting this error message:

1> a = makepred(c("bcph.imp","year"),c(7.5,1))
Error in PredictMat(object$smooth[[k]], data) :
   `by' variable must be same dimension as smooth arguments

I never got this message with the old fitted model (and still don't).
What is happening? I don't know what the error message means and I can't figure out what about the new fitted model is causing this problem. Typing "PredictMat" isn't helping me, nor is google. The problem isn't that all of the variables aren't in the prediction data.

Would appreciate any help here.

(Apologies for cross-posting on R-help)

Its also worth noting that I'm fitting this model several times after imputing missing data, then combining the output using Rubin's rules. But that shouldn't be relevant -- I get the same error using any one of the consituent fitted models, rather than the combined version

PROBLEM SOLVED: The problem was that "trialid," a factor variable, had levels that did not include "1". When I set trialid in preddat to something else, it works. The way I set up my model, interacting the random effect with a dummy =0, this variable has no effect, but mgcv still needs it to do the prediction.

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You haven't shown how you fitted the GAM with mgcv. Can you show that code too please – Gavin Simpson Mar 22 '13 at 6:36
Edited. What are you looking for? For my part, I don't even know what the error means. – generic_user Mar 22 '13 at 7:05
What is preddat at the start of makepred, it doesn't seem defined. Also, you GAM is hugely complex, with many terms, but I don't see you supplying those as variables as newdata in the predict call. All variables mentioned in the formula must be supplied as newdata, including variables used in by terms and in bs = "re" smooths. Does makepred supply all variables used in the model? – Gavin Simpson Mar 22 '13 at 13:00
Preddat is a vector of "default" values. It gets modified by makepred. Preddat has all of the values that are in the dataset. I don't think that I've messed up anything like this, its my guess that there is some small, stupid code wrinkle somewhere. Mostly I want to know what the error message means. Its not clear. – generic_user Mar 22 '13 at 17:02
Well this is where your terminology is letting things down and why we ask for reproducible examples or at least all the relevant code or information on the structure of objects used. You don't pass newdata a vector, it needs a data frame. The only person who can probably tell you what the error means is Simon Wood. However, the times I've been hit by similar errors is when I've not supplied all the variables used in model fitting to newdata. Hence I can see how the error might be raised and I'm asking for the extra info so I can fully understand what your are trying to do. – Gavin Simpson Mar 22 '13 at 17:07

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