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I'm trying to import a S3 method, predict from another package pls. I have a function which uses these predicted values. The problem is, when compiling the package:

Error : object 'predict' is not exported by 'namespace:pls'

I've put together this Gist as a minimal example which highlights my problem and contains the following R file:

#' Test function
#' @importFrom pls predict
#' @export

myfunc <- function(x){
  stopifnot(class(x) == "mvr")
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The main issue here is the pls doesn't define a function/method predict. It provides several methods for the predict generic, but not the generic itself.

You need to import the generic from the stats package, if you need it - I'm not sure you do as you aren't creating a function that needs or builds on the generic. At the minimum you'll need

#' @importFrom stats predict

though you may need/want to import the entire stats namespace - depends what your package does beyond the function your are currently working on.

The other issue is that predict.mvr is not exported from the pls namespace

> require(pls)
Loading required package: pls

Attaching package: ‘pls’

The following object(s) are masked from ‘package:stats’:


> predict.mvr
Error: object 'predict.mvr' not found
> pls::predict.mvr
Error: 'predict.mvr' is not an exported object from 'namespace:pls'
> pls:::predict.mvr
function (object, newdata, ncomp = 1:object$ncomp, comps, type = c("response", 
    "scores"), na.action = na.pass, ...) 

As such you can't just import it. Hence your package needs to have Depends: pls in the DESCRIPTION in order for the correct predict method to be found.

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