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I am designing a logger module in c++.

Can anyone suggest me what should I print in the logfile(like debug, info, fatal message and also module, class and function name) ?

Should there be any specific design pattern(other than singleton) followed ?

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The following is what a typical log line contains:

  • "ERROR", "WARNING", "INFO" or "DEBUG" message level.
  • date and time
  • process id
  • thread id
  • source file path and line number, that is exact location in source code
  • class name::function name, basically the scope of the message
  • depending on severity, a stack trace. Personally, I once or twice needed such a thing to debug a client of ours a weird crash on a particular machine.
  • and finally, the actual message

Also, since you're new to logging, for performance reasons you might consider buffering log messages instead of directly writing them on disk from the calling thread, and have a separate thread writing them on disk.

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you can make use of "chain of responsibility" pattern.

here is an example in java though.

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thank you...that link is really helpful.. – asit_dhal Mar 22 '13 at 6:54

Give it different level, and could be shut down when doing optimize compile.

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Do you mean prepocessing by " shut down when doing optimize compile " ? – asit_dhal Mar 22 '13 at 6:55

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