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LATITUDE and LATITUDE are my two coloums.

i have to combined this two coloums as one coloum.

i have to combined this two coloum in one coloum as point values.

i tryed this.., SELECT LATITUDE, (LATITUDE) + ' ' + LONGITUDE+) AS point FROM incident_google

but it is not working.

how to comined this two colums as one.

EX: LATITUDE= 38.8994816000000014,LONGITUDE=-76.9785097000000036

i need as

(38.8994816000000014,76.9785097000000036) as point

and say answer for this..,

thanks in advances.

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MySQL or SQL Server? the two are different thing. –  John Woo Mar 22 '13 at 6:12

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Try this:

SELECT LATITUDE, '('+Convert(varchar(30),LATITUDE) + ',' + Convert(varchar(30),LONGITUDE)+')' AS point FROM incident_google
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In mysql

select CONCAT(LATITUDE, ",", LONGITUDE) as point FROM incident_google
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CONCAT is new in SQL Server 2012. –  JodyT Mar 22 '13 at 6:11

Use as follows,

 SELECT LATITUDE, concat(LATITUDE,',' ,LONGITUDE) AS point FROM incident_google


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SELECT '(' + convert(varchar(50),LATITUDE) + ',' + convert(varchar(50),LONGITUDE) + ')' as Point FROM incident_google

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