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I have two .NET objects, Employee and Department. In .xbre file I need to setup condition as below,

If Employee.EmpID is X and Department.DeptID is Y then do something. So In a given rule, I need to access two objects (employee and department) and validate the condition.

If I use <ObjectLookup> then I understand I can pass one object and field (Employee.EmployeeID or Department.DeptID), can we access both of them together?

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You are on the right track: you need to use two <ObjectLookup> constructs to extract both values and store them in two different variables, something like:

<ObjectLookup id="EmployeeID" objectId="Employee" member="EmployeeID" />
<ObjectLookup id="DeptID" objectId="Department" member="DeptID" />
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I was doing this way. However, wanted to reconfirm the right approach from you. Thanks. – Ramaprasad Upadhyaya Mar 25 '13 at 4:52

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