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I want a message from my application to show up in the Windows Phone 'Messaging Hub' without having to send it as a text message. Is it possible to do this?

The application doesn't have to be distributed via the Marketplace, so any private apis would also do.

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It isn't possible, during WP 7.X or WP8 SDK.
I solved similar problem by creating HTTP Post Request with json(device info, message and other) as parameter. Then posted to my own server, which performed the work instead of the phone.
Hope it's help you.

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At this time it isn't possible, as there's no API for that. You can pre-fill a SMS using the SmsComposeTask, but that's the only interaction you get with that hub.

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Oke, any 'other' method to do this? Using private apis or something like that? My app doesn't have to be distributed through the store so I don't have to worry about MS verification. –  MrThys Mar 22 '13 at 8:10

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