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I'm getting some errors when I try to deploy a web service generated using CXF's wsdl2java to generate the Java code from a WSDL file. I've managed to trace the error down to a NullPointerException being thrown by Apache Neethi when I tries to normalize a PolicyReference. The policy reference is defined in an external XML file (a lot of WSDLs reference this policy file). Here is what I see in the WSDL:

<wsp:PolicyReference URI="policy:someExternalFile.xml#PolicyName" />

I've tried removing the "policy:" scheme at the start of URI and getting rid of the URI scheme all together.

If I move the policy into the WSDL, things work fine. I'm using CXF 2.2.3 and Tomcat 6. The version of Apache Neethi that is included with this release is 2.0.4.

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Any chance you can log a bug with CXF and attach a sample wsdl/policy that shows the issue? It MAY be a neethi issue bug it could also be a bug in the CXF policy loading mechanisms. Having a test case is quite useful for diagnosing this.

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