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Hi i am working on extension for categories.i am facing problem regarding categories and products.I have more than 2 categories with same products.After creating new category I want to assign those products that exist under category1, (category 1 and category 2 have same products).It will remove products from category2 due to my code.My code is :

  $collection = $category->getProductCollection();

        foreach ($collection as $product) {
                 $categories_pd = $product->getCategoryIds();                              
                    $product->setCategoryIds(array($new_cateid , $category1_id));

I know that due to setcatgoryIds function its removing other entries.Can anyone know right function or logic to fix this issue.

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With $categories_pd = $product->getCategoryIds(); you get all existing entries as an array.

Just add new categories here


Then in $categories_pd you have all needed categories so just set it

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thanks for your response. i also find another solution like $product->setCategoryIds(array_merge($product->getCategoryIds(),array($new_id,$o‌​ld_category))). –  Mahmood Rehman Mar 22 '13 at 7:49
Yes good too, I just make it "simple" with more step to let you see and learn how it works :) –  dagfr Mar 22 '13 at 9:24

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