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I have a problem in loading the response to the select tag . I am trying to change the select Box based on the first one.

For this I am using Struts2 with jQuery Ajax tags.I think I have all required stuff but the response is not tagging to the option but able to see the result in the JS of the view source of a browser.Below is the code which I have written in JSP This is my first select Box

<div class="type-text">
  <s:url id="remoteurl" action="getGlobalManufacturerJquery.action?mainId=title&subId=Add Title&selectedManufacturer=strUser&gameFileID=%{gameFileID}&gameFileName=%{gameFileName}&titleName=%{titleName}&titleID=%{titleID}"/>

                    headerValue="Select Global Manufacturer" 

And below is my second select box which should be on chaging the first value

 <div class="type-text">        
                 <s:url id="remoteurl" action="getGlobalModelJquery.action?mainId=title&subId=Add Title&selectedManufacturer=strUser&gameFileID=%{gameFileID}&gameFileName=%{gameFileName}&titleName=%{titleName}&titleID=%{titleID}"/>

                    headerValue="Select Global Model"

And in the jsp there is no list available.But the server code is getting results which i can see in the source code of js which is not able to append to the jsp of select box.

<select name="manufacturerName77" id="manufacturerName77">
<option value=""></option>
<script type='text/javascript'>
jQuery(document).ready(function () {
    var options_manufacturerName77 = {};
    options_manufacturerName77.datatype = "json";
    options_manufacturerName77.type = 'select';
    options_manufacturerName77.emptyoption = true;
    options_manufacturerName77.headerkey = "-1";
    options_manufacturerName77.headervalue = "Select Global Manufacturer";
    **options_manufacturerName77.list = "[Acer, A Panda]";**
    options_manufacturerName77.listkey = "Acer";
    options_manufacturerName77.listvalue = "Acer";
    options_manufacturerName77.jqueryaction = "select";
    options_manufacturerName77.id = "manufacturerName77";
    options_manufacturerName77.name = "manufacturerName77";
    options_manufacturerName77.oncha = "reloadsecondlist";
    options_manufacturerName77.href = "/ci/getGlobalManufacturerJquery.action";
    options_manufacturerName77.hrefparameter = "mainId=title&subId=Add Title&selectedManufacturer=strUser&gameFileID=3&gameFileName=dcdscd&titleName=Bubble boom chalenge&titleID=11";
    options_manufacturerName77.formids = "TitleGameHandsetsForm";


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Don't much about struts, but someting tells this would be easier without it ? –  adeneo Mar 22 '13 at 7:32

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If the url is written incorrectly nothing will be returned by the action that should return json data for the list. You should write the url like

<s:url var="remoteurl" action="getGlobalManufacturerJquery">
  <s:param name="mainId" value="title"/>
  <s:param name="subId" value="Add Title"/>
  <s:param name="selectedManufacturer" value="strUser"/>
  <s:param name="gameFileID" value="%{gameFileID}"/>
  <s:param name="gameFileName" value="%{gameFileName}"/>
  <s:param name="titleName" value="%{titleName}"/>
  <s:param name="titleID" value="%{titleID}"/>
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Hi Thanks for the reply Roman.Even after correcting the s:url the output has not changed. Below is the source code of the html. –  Krish Mar 27 '13 at 9:41
If you want the second grid to reload then you should supply it with reloadTopics. –  Roman C Mar 27 '13 at 9:51
Try to change the name or better copy/paste the working grid before you trying to reloadTopics. –  Roman C Mar 27 '13 at 10:02
Sorry, but I don't want to teach you programming nor fixing bugs in your code, you need to read FAQ before posting. –  Roman C Mar 27 '13 at 10:11

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