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I'm developing a Word 2010 add-in using VS2012 and C#. The purpose of this add-in is to enhance some of the document properties such as 'tags', 'keywords', 'categories' etc.

I assume that there must be a rather easy way to interact with these using the Document object model, but up to this date I've failed to find the correct properties to get/set.

I'd be very happy if somebody could point me in the right direction...:)

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You can access the BuiltInDocumentProperties collection to access these properties:

foreach (DocumentProperty property in 
    Trace.TraceInformation("Name: {0}\tValue: {1}\tType{2}", 
        property.Name, property.Value, property.Type);

It is also possible to access a specific property by its name:

DocumentProperty keywords = Globals.ThisDocument.Application
Trace.TraceInformation("Name: {0}\tValue: {1}\tType{2}", 
    keywords.Name, keywords.Value, keywords.Type);
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Excellent, thanks - this solved my question gracefully :) – user1297653 Mar 25 '13 at 12:08

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