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I want to delete all the folders with only digit name. So I write a batch file using regular expression:

@echo off

cd D:\Install\Work

for /d %%i in (*|findstr "^[0-9]*$") do (
      rd /s /q %%i

echo [all the folders under work are deleted!]


but it doesnt work. Where is the error?

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FOR /f %%x IN (
 'dir /ad /b * ^|FINDSTR "^[0-9]*$" '
 ) DO ECHO %%x

FOR /F reads lines from a file/command output to the metavariable.

for /d simply applies dirnames to the metavariable.

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Try this:

@echo off

for /r D:\Install\Work %%d in (.) do (
  echo %%~nxd|findstr "^[0-9]*$" >nul && rd /s /q "%%~fd"

Note that this will delete all-digit folders even if they contain other folders with names not consisting of only digits!

  • %%~nxd: remove enclosing double quotes from %%d (~) and expand name (n) and extension (x) only
  • >nul: suppress output on STDOUT
  • %%~fd: remove enclosing double quotes from %%d (~) and expand full path (f)
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what means "%%~nxd" ">nul" "%%~fd" ? – rich Mar 22 '13 at 12:49
@rich See updated answer. – Ansgar Wiechers Mar 22 '13 at 13:28

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