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I am using lovcombo in ExtJS 3.2. I fetch the data for initial loading of combo box and I am getting it correctly. But now I have a requirement in which, lets say initially I got 10 entries (options) in combo box, I need to select now 5 options dynamically. Actually I am using it to show dependent entity mapping. Means one entity is dependent on many other entities, so showing them in multiselect combo box. When I get root entity, I need to fetch dependent entities for my root entity, and accordingly I will select those entries dynamically in combo box. This is my code -

    xtype: 'lovcombo',
    fieldLabel: 'data Requirement ',
    store: dep_req_store,
    displayField: 'text',
    valueField: 'value',
    mode: 'local',
    emptyText: 'Select Requirement...',
    triggerAction: 'all',
    name: 'data_id',
    id: 'data_id' + idSuf,
    hiddenName: 'reqIdHid3',
    width: 200,
    forceSelection: true,
    editable: true,
    hideOnSelect: false,
    beforeBlur: Ext.emptyFn,

I will iterate thru each element of this combo after its loaded and will select necessary options:

Ext.getCmp('data_id' + idSuf).getStore().data.items.each(function(record) {
    record.dirty = true; //I tried this but no success.

Also, I didn't find any attribute which can help me to select the option like:

record.selected = true 

So, please help me in this. Is it possible to achieve this using lovcombo?

Thanks in advance.

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in record's field definition you can create a new field called checked, this field is by default used by lovcombo to store checked state of the record

fields: [
    {name: 'checked',  type: 'boolean'},

and when you want to check any record after loading it just do

record.set('checked', true);


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Thanks for your answer.! Actually I too find the way after wards like this - record.set(this.checkField, true); where checkField is its default property. Thanks again.! –  Ved Mar 28 '13 at 7:05

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