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Does LINQ to SQL support Oracle.ODP? If not, is a similar offering from Oracle available or in the works?

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LINQ to SQL only supports SQL Server. For LINQ to Oracle, you'll want Entities, LINQ for nHibernate, or DbLinq to name a few.

Of those, DbLinq is intended to be the closest thing to an exact port of LINQ to SQL for other databases.

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I cannot find any code documentation and/or examples on using DbLinq with Oracle. Can you linq me up? ;) –  Pretzel Aug 20 '10 at 20:02

DevArt offers a provider for Oracle with LINQ support here. They also provide a direct mode where there is no need to install an oracle client and support for ADO.NET Entity framework.

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Try ORM from Devart - <a href="">LinqConnect</a>;. This product is developed closely to LINQ to SQL but but to you some additional possibilities and allows you to work with different DBMS. –  JackD Dec 24 '10 at 15:06

Linq to SQL doesn't support Oracle natively. There are a few 3rd party wrappers out there. Check this out...

Theres also some providers for Oracle for the ADO.NET Entity framework. See here.

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Maybe the lastest version of ODAC will help you.

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