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I am trying to upload my static images on amazon s3 bucket through vb.net sdk using PutBucketRequest. and it is creates required bucket. but when i am listing out object using ListObjectsRequest(), it gives me following errors.

  1. A first chance exception of type 'Amazon.S3.AmazonS3Exception' occurred in AWSSDK.dll ( in my visual studio editor's immediate window)

  2. Maximum number of retry attempts reached : 3 ( in exception block)

My code is looking as follows :

Dim s3Client = AWSClientFactory.CreateAmazonS3Client("xxxx", "xxxx", regionEndpoint.APSoutheast1) 

client.PutBucket(New PutBucketRequest().WithBucketName(BucketName).WithBucketRegion(S3Region.APS1))

Dim listObjectsRequest As ListObjectsRequest = New   ListObjectsRequest().WithBucketName(BucketName).WithPrefix(FolderName).WithDelimiter("/")
listObjectsRequest.MaxKeys = 1
listObjectsRequest.Timeout = 400
objects = client.ListObjects(listObjectsRequest) //Here i got error.

I have seen many example, but I can not find any solution. Please help me.

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Have you tried setting the bucket region on the ListObjectsRequest ?

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yes. and I have solved this using AmazonS3Config CommunicationProtocol to Protocol.HTTP –  Manish Sapkal Mar 23 '13 at 7:27

I have solved this using AmazonS3Config CommunicationProtocol to Protocol.HTTP

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This error is related to the timeout value. Timeout is in milliseconds. Did you mean to use 400 (4/10ths of a second)? That is pretty fast, so probably timing out.

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