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I am going through the Angularjs tuts and docs given in the official angularjs website.

Here we add a selectbox for ordering, like this

  <select ng-model="orderProp">
   <option value="name">Alphabetical</option>
   <option value="age">Newest</option>

and in the controller, we assign $scope.orderProp = "age" This works fine and 'Newest' will be the default select option.

Then I tried putting the order items to a model and populate the selectbox using ng-repeat like this.

  <select ng-model="orderProp">
    <option ng-repeat="orderby in orderProperties" value="{{orderby.criteria}}">{{orderby.property}}</option>


orderProp model is :

function PhoneListCtrl($scope){

    $(document).ready($scope.orderProp = "age");

        $scope.orderProperties = [

In dom I can see the value="name" and value="age". But this time the default value is not set as "Newest". I don't understand why the hardcoded value="age" is working, while value="{{orderby.criteria}}" is not. Can anyone please guide me through.

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I've found, that the value is getting set during $scope.orderProp = "age" and sorting is getting triggered. But the selectbox <select ng-model="orderProp"> is still empty. I am assuming it might be due something like assigning value before page load or something like that and might not be related to angularjs. –  leninmon Mar 22 '13 at 10:22
You should give a look here. It's explained how to use select. And you don't need $(document).ready(...). –  maxdec Mar 22 '13 at 10:29

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You are using select in the wrong way:

<select ng-model="orderProp" 
    ng-options="orderby.criteria as orderby.property for orderby in orderProperties">


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You should use ng-option to populate the select.

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