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I have a macro which does the countif function checking the criteria from the column B in arange in a column A. Both (range and criteria) might have different size, so the macro goes until the last cell populated. However, it checks exactly the same matches. I would like to transform it to check if the range contains the criateria. For instance, if the criteria is "Manager" and in the range we have "Marketing Manager", I would like to count it. Below you can find the screenshot of the excel file and the code of my macro.


enter image description here

Macro Code:

Sub Countif_Until_LastRow()

Dim lastRowColumnB As Long
lastRowColumnB = Range("B65000").End(xlUp).Row

For i = 2 To lastRowColumnB
Cells(i, 3) = Application.CountIf(Range("A:A"), Cells(i, 2))
End Sub
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Try this:

Cells(i, 3) = Application.CountIf(Range("A:A"), "*" & Cells(i, 2) & "*")

*(star) works like a wild char

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It works! Thank you for such a fast response. –  mgunia Mar 22 '13 at 10:18

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