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I am New to Windows Phone Dev. I like to Do one App after Using this App in Windows Phone EspnCrickinfo App. When I use this App,i seen Very cool feather that Image in gallery Swiping Left and Right. I am trying this Functionally But I am Not Succeed.

I have Some JSON Link Contains Images

For Reference I follow this MSDN But I am Getting Btns on App bar.

Please can any one suggest Me how can make this Easy.

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Hear is the Perfect Answer for This Question...Image Slide Show with Swipe Effect in Windows Phone

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Well if you want to have swipe effects go for microsoft toolkit and use gesture listener. register to a flick event and you have your desired effect. This link will help you.

how to get swipe in windows phone 7

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Thank You for Info @max –  Sriram Satti Mar 25 '13 at 12:11

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