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I am getting this error while trying to connect to smtp

javax.mail.MessagingException: 334 eyJzdGF0dXMiOiI0MDAiLCJzY2hlbWVzIjoiQmVhcmVyIiwic2NvcGUiOiJodHRwczovL21haWwuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8ifQ==

Here is my code

public class GMailOauthSender
    private Session session;

    public SMTPTransport connectToSmtp(String host, int port, String userEmail, String oauthToken, boolean debug) throws Exception {

        Properties props = new Properties();
        props.put("mail.smtp.starttls.enable", "true");
        props.put("mail.smtp.starttls.required", "true");
        props.put("mail.smtp.sasl.enable", "false");
        session = Session.getInstance(props);

        final URLName unusedUrlName = null;
        SMTPTransport transport = new SMTPTransport(session, unusedUrlName);
        // If the password is non-null, SMTP tries to do AUTH LOGIN.
        final String emptyPassword = null;
        transport.connect(host, port, userEmail, emptyPassword);

        byte[] response = String.format("user=%s\1auth=Bearer %s\1\1", userEmail, oauthToken).getBytes();
        response = BASE64EncoderStream.encode(response);

        transport.issueCommand("AUTH XOAUTH2 " + new String(response), 235);

        return transport;

    public synchronized void sendMail(String subject, String body, String user, String oauthToken, String recipients) {
        try {
            SMTPTransport smtpTransport = connectToSmtp("",587,user,oauthToken,true);

            MimeMessage message = new MimeMessage(session);
            DataHandler handler = new DataHandler(new ByteArrayDataSource(body.getBytes(), "text/plain"));   
            message.setSender(new InternetAddress(user));   

            if (recipients.indexOf(',') > 0)   
                message.setRecipients(Message.RecipientType.TO, InternetAddress.parse(recipients));   
                message.setRecipient(Message.RecipientType.TO, new InternetAddress(recipients));   

            smtpTransport.sendMessage(message, message.getAllRecipients());   
        } catch (Exception e) {
            Log.d("test", e.getMessage());

I have got this code from some where in stack overflow. any help??

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Try this, it may help you. Send mail using smtp Let me know even if you have any problem. – Hasmukh Mar 22 '13 at 10:27
hi Hashmukh thanks for giving reply. this is fine but i want to send email from the account where user has already setup in mobile. in this case how can i get password here..? – praveen Mar 22 '13 at 10:33
it mean Google play Ac, Password while setting AC in Mobile ? – Hasmukh Mar 22 '13 at 10:46
yes exactly . do you have any idea about in that way. – praveen Mar 22 '13 at 10:47
NO Sorry dear, even let try to find out for you some another way. – Hasmukh Mar 22 '13 at 10:48

The error you are receiving


decodes to the following using a Base64 Decoder


What this ends up meaning (as cryptic as the message is) is that the authentication token that you are using has expired. You need to invalidate it and then get a new one (simply request the token again).

You invalidate the token like this:

mAccountManager.invalidateAuthToken("", mAuthenticationToken);

I hope that this is helpful :)

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