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i have a gridview which contains a linkbutton with a ID LnkCourseName

i have requirement that on a click of Middle button of a mouse a new tab should open.

to check the which button of a mouse got clicked, i used a javascript function as :

<script type="text/javascript">
    function buttonalert(event) {

                var button;
                if (event.which == null)
                    button = (event.button < 2) ? leftclickclear() :
                 ((event.button == 4) ? middleclickclear() : rightclickclear());
                    button = (event.which < 2) ? leftclickclear() :
                 ((event.which == 2) ? middleclickclear() : rightclickclear());

            function leftclickclear() {

                $('#<%=HdUrl.ClientID %>').val("left");

            function rightclickclear() {
                $('#<%=HdUrl.ClientID %>').val("right");

            function middleclickclear() {

                $('#<%=HdUrl.ClientID %>').val("middle");

            function dont(event) {
            if (event.preventDefault)
                event.returnValue = false;


But on a press of a middle button i get an error


on a new tab url. Thanks for assistance.

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This should be standard behaviour for any reasonable browser, and isn't really an ASP.NET or script issue - the problem is that you're using a link button, which will do a postback just like a button (i.e. <input type=submit>), and it's not a link as in an default a element.

If your links are really just that, and are not expected to post back to the server to execute some logic, and instead just specifies a URL to link to, then use a HyperLink control instead.

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Sir i need to execute some logic but on a click of middle button it should redirect to another page. – Abhishek gupta Mar 22 '13 at 10:31

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