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I'm developing a webapplication (asp.net mvc 4) with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, and as the solution is getting bigger, the debug is getting slower.

Need to know if there is a way to debug only my client side (javascript) on visual studio instead of the entire application (server+client).

Is there any way to attach to process of IE and get the breakpoints working ....?

Not interested on get the debugger running on entire client/server application, just client.

thanks in advance.

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First open Visual studio ..select your project in solution explorer..Right click and choose option "browse with" then set IE as default browser.

enter image description here Now open IE ..go to
Tools >> Internet option >> Advance>> uncheck the checkbox having "Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer). and then click Apply and OK and you are done ..

Now you can set breakpoints in your JS file and then hit the debug button in VS..

enter image description here

EDIT:- For asp.net web application right click on the page which is your startup page(say default.aspx) and perform the same steps. :)

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i'm on a ASP.NET WEB Application, how can i do it? –  Flavio Oliveira Mar 22 '13 at 11:37
see the added screen shots –  Pranav Mar 22 '13 at 11:51
thanks, but still cannot get the breackpoints working on my VS2012 if o hit the debug button, the entire iis process is attached to the debugger, i don't need that because it is slow. my quest is debug javascript only without have to attach the IIS process... –  Flavio Oliveira Mar 22 '13 at 11:56

The debugger should automatically attach to the browser with Visual Studio 2012. You can use the debugger keyword to halt at a certain point in the application or use the breakpoints directly inside VS.

You can also detatch the default debugger in Visual Studio and use the Developer Tools which come pre loaded with Internet Explorer or FireBug etc.

To do this goto Visual Studio -> Debug -> Detatch All and then click Start debugging in Internet Explorer. You can then set breakpoints at this level. enter image description here

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It is possible to debug by writing key word "debugger" to place where you want to debug and just press F5 key to debug JavaScript code.


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